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Types of Clouds

We often feel amazed looking at the sky and how it changes patterns over day and night. This happens due to the formation of clouds that we see above us. Clouds are collections of tiny droplets of water or ice crystals that are found suspended in th

Layers of The Earth

Earth is the fifth largest planet in our solar system, and the only one proven to support life. It has multiple layers, with each having distinct characteristic features. If we could slice the planet to half, we would see it is composed of multiple

Layers of the Sun

Like every star, the sun is a celestial body containing an enormous ball of extremely hot gases that powers the entire universe. The sun is the largest object of our solar system, making up over 99.8% of its total mass. What is the Sun Made of

Layers of the Earth’s Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the earth is the layer of gases (commonly called air) that surrounds the earth and creates an inhabitable environment, maintains temperature, causes weather, and protects its inhabitants from solar radiation. How Many Layers Doe