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Electric Field vs. Magnetic Field

An electric field is an invisible force field caused by an electric charge resulting in an alteration of space (air or vacuum) around the charge. A magnetic field is an invisible force field generated by a moving electric charge (current), spinning

Hooke’s Law

What is Hooke’s Law Hooke’s law states that for small displacement or deformations of an object, the displacement or deformation is directly proportional to the applied force or load. Hooke’s law can explain many mechanical properties and t

Stokes’ Law

What is Stokes’ Law Stokes’ law is a mathematical equation for the drag force experienced by small spherical particles passing through a viscous fluid medium. It deals with the resistive (friction) force applied to a body under the action of

Bernoulli’s Principle and Equation

What is Bernoulli’s Principle Fluid dynamics is a branch of physics and engineering that studies the behavior of fluid in motion. Bernoulli’s principle states that the total mechanical energy of a streamlined fluid, including pressure, kineti