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Layers of the Rainforest

Rainforests are found near the equator. These regions are hot, humid, and wet, ideal for plants to grow and make food by photosynthesis. Among all biomes, tropical rainforests do not house a great variety of plants. They also provide food and shelte

Global Wind Patterns and Wind Belts

There are several kinds of wind blowing across the surface of the Earth, depending on the origin, destination, and distance traveled, among other factors. These are called prevailing or planetary winds. Global winds are one such type of wind. Glo

6 Different Types of Weather

Weather is the state of the atmosphere during a given time at a given place. It is affected by several different atmospheric factors and the location. Factors Affecting Weather There are different types of elements affecting the weather. T

Types of Wind

On Earth, winds are classified into three types depending on their recurring nature (periodicity) and location. Types of Wind 1. Primary or Planetary Winds Primary winds continuously blow throughout the year in a fixed direction and thu