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Electric Field Lines

What are Electric Field Lines Electric field lines or electric lines of force are imaginary lines drawn to represent the electric field visually. Since the electric field is a vector quantity, it has both magnitude and direction. Suppose one look

Toroid Magnetic Field

A toroid is an electromagnetic device consisting of a conducting wire wound into a coil around a metallic core bent into the shape of a circle. It is similar to a solenoid except that it is bent. Like any other electromagnetic device, a toroid produ

Gauss’s Law

What is Gauss’s Law Gauss’s law is a general law in physics that gives a relationship between charges enclosed inside a closed surface to the total electric flux passing through the surface. The charges can be present in the air as point char

Electric Flux

What is Electric Flux The number of electric field lines or electric lines of force passing through a given surface area is called electric flux. The area can be in air or vacuum. It can also be inside or on the surface of a solid conductor. The