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How are Diamonds Made

Diamond, an important allotrope of carbon, is one of the best-known examples of allotropes among all chemical elements. Carbon atoms arranged in a highly organized lattice structure form the radiant diamond crystals. However, it is not always [...]

What Causes Lightning

Lightning is an electric current that passes between two clouds, within a single cloud itself, and between the cloud and earth. Lightning strikes are common during thunderstorms. They can travel large distances and follow a zig-zag path.

Why Do Fireflies Light Up

You must have watched fireflies lighting up your garden at night and wondered how they produce such brilliant, pulsating lights. Bioluminescence, a natural phenomenon that produces light in an organism, causes them to glow in such a manner. They [...]

Why Does Salt Melt Ice

You might have seen salt being sprinkled on frozen sidewalks and gutters in winter. It helps to melt the ice by lowering its freezing point, a phenomenon known as ‘freezing point depression’. Let’s go into the details of how this physical change [...]