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Coulomb’s Law

What is Coulomb’s Law All charged particles attract or repel one another depending upon the nature of charges., i.e., like charges repel and unlike charges attract. Coulomb’s law governs the electrostatic force of attraction or repulsion betw

Electromagnetic Force

Electromagnetism is a branch of physics that establishes the relationship between electricity and magnetism. A magnetic field affects moving charges, resulting in induced current. Moving charges produce magnetic fields. Therefore, the perception tha

Life Cycle of a Star

What is a Star? A star is a giant sphere of extremely hot, luminous gas (mostly hydrogen and helium) held together by gravity. A few examples of well-known stars are Pollux, Sirius, Vega, Polaris, and our own Sun. Stars are essentially the building

Nuclear Force

What is Nuclear Force The nuclear force is the force between the particles in the nucleus of an atom. It can be between two protons, two neutrons, or between a proton and a neutron. The nuclear force is attractive. It binds the protons and neutro