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Types of Lakes

Lakes are large water-bodies that are surrounded by land and generally occupy inland basins. Usually, they have standing water unless any river or other outlet serves to feed or drain them. Lakes are usually bigger than ponds, and distinct from lagoo

Types of Planets

Planets are the astronomical bodies that are orbiting stars. They do not have self-luminosity, nor do they radiate energy as no nuclear fusion takes place at their cores. In addition to these characteristics, they should have sufficient mass that has

Types of Islands

An island is a fraction of landmass that is surrounded by water. There are countless islands around the world located in oceans, lakes and rivers. They have distinct climates and inhabitants according to their geographical position. Islands coveri

Types of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is obtained from renewable natural resources (replenished naturally in a span of human life cycle). They are also referred to as clean energy as they do not contribute to carbon emissions, which makes them non-polluting. These energy