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Nuclear Force

What is Nuclear Force The nuclear force is the force between the particles in the nucleus of an atom. It can be between two protons, two neutrons, or between a proton and a neutron. The nuclear force is attractive. It binds the protons and neutro

Weak Nuclear Force

What is Weak Nuclear Force The weak nuclear force, or weak interaction, is one of the four fundamental forces of nature – the other three being the strong nuclear force, electromagnetic force, and gravitational force. Unlike the other forces th

Strong Nuclear Force

What is Strong Nuclear Force The strong nuclear force is a force between the fundamental particles that constitute the nucleus. It can be between two protons, two neutrons, or a proton and a neutron. The interaction between quarks, which are the

Electromotive Force (EMF)

What is Electromotive Force (EMF) Electromotive force, or emf, is the energy required to move a unit electric charge by an energy source such as a battery, cell, or generator. It is defined as the potential difference across the terminals where t