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Why Does Salt Melt Ice

You might have seen salt being sprinkled on frozen sidewalks and gutters in winter. It helps to melt the ice by lowering its freezing point, a phenomenon known as ‘freezing point depression’. Let’s go into the details of how this physical change [...]

Why Does Ice Float on Water

It is common for us to observe ice cubes floating when placed in a glass of water, and icebergs floating on the surface seas and oceans. However, this is a peculiar behavior as solid matter usually sinks in liquid. But ice, or water in its solid [...]

How Do Clouds Form

Clouds are a collection of water drops or ice crystals that have been deposited on particles like dust, smoke, pollen, etc. in the atmosphere. They are a part of the water cycle. How Are Clouds Formed Clouds are formed by the condensation of [...]

Why Does Oil Float on Water

What Property of Oil Makes It Float on Water Oil being less dense than water floats on it. Had it been denser than water like iron, it would have sunk. Density is mass per unit volume. It means that if you take a cubic cm (cc) of oil, its mass [...]