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Parts of a Root and Their Functions

The root is commonly the underground part of the plant body. Unlike the stem, roots are distinctly characterized by the absence of nodes and internodes. Some plants with exception have their roots above the ground. These roots are called aerial roots

Types of Deserts With Characteristics and Examples

A desert is a dry, barren landscape which receives an annual rainfall of less than 25 centimeters. Deserts cover about one-fifth of the total land area on earth. Although they are mostly hot, extremely cold regions are also classified under deserts a

What are the Different Types of Leaves in Plants and Trees

Broadly all leaves are classified into two main types, based on the arrangement of the leaf lamina — the broad, thin, flattened surface of the leaf, which is also the site of photosynthesis and transpiration in plants. What are the Two Basic Types

Parts of a Flower With Their Structure and Functions

Flowers are the reproductive part of a flowering plant. They are mostly the most coloring and attractive organ of a plant body. What are the Different Parts of a Flower A typical diagram of a flower is divided into four main external parts: i)