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Contact and Non-contact Forces

What are Contact and Non-contact Forces A contact force is defined as the force between two objects that are in physical contact. For example, kicking a soccer ball is a contact force since physical contact is between the foot and the ball. Co

Conservative and Non-conservative Forces

What are Conservative and Non-conservative Forces A conservative force is a force in which the work done in moving a particle from one position to another depends on the initial and final positions and not on the path. It follows the law of conse

Centripetal Force

What is Centripetal Force Centripetal force is a force responsible for keeping an object moving in a curved path. The centripetal force is caused by an object’s motion around a curve or in a circular path. What is the direction of the centri

Centrifugal Force

What is Centrifugal Force Centrifugal force is an apparent force experienced by an object while going around a curve or circular path. It is an outward force felt by the object in its frame of reference and directed away from the center of curvat