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The geosphere refers to the solid part of Earth, encompassing the rocks, minerals, towering landforms like mountains, to grains of sand. It also includes the oceanic crust, the Earth's molten rock interior, fossilized remains, and skeletons of once-


The biosphere is where living organisms are found on, above, and below the Earth’s surface. It is thus one large ecosystem characterized by biotic (living things), abiotic (non-living) factors, and energy working together as a single unit. Since t

How Does Wind Form

We know that sunlight is unevenly distributed over the Earth’s surface. The wind is formed due to the sun’s unequal heating of the Earth’s surface. This unequal heating causes a temperature difference. Sunlight is more direct at the equator

How do Hurricanes Form

Hurricanes are cyclones that form over the Atlantic or the eastern Pacific Ocean. They are called typhoons or tropical cyclones in other parts of the world. All tropical cyclones form in the same way that typically requires the same hostile conditio